2019: NBS to release 179 reports on economy

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), is set to release no fewer than 179 reports on different sectors of the economy this year.

 According to the 2019 tentative data release calendar posted on the bureau’s Website, the NBS is expected to release 47 data in the first quarter. According to the calendar the bureau will release data on consumer price index and inflation, price watch on diesel, petrol and kerosene. Other items on the calendar are National Survey on Drug Use in Nigeria 2017/2018, Telecom data, Pension Asset and Membership data and Monthly Federal Account Allocation Committee Disbursements. Road Transport data, Banking Sector data, Prison statistics for 2018 and 2018 Sustainable Development Goals Indicators are also listed.

The bureau is expected to release 45 data in the second quarter of the year. The data will focus mainly on Statistics on Immigration, Nigerian Domestic and Foreign Debt 2018 report, Food Security Survey, Daily energy generated and sent out data. It will also focus on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data, Foreign Trade in Goods Statistics, Rail Transportation Annual data, in addition to petroleum products data and inflation reports. In the third quarter, the bureau will release 47 data ranging from social statistics, Air Transportation Data (Half Year 2019), Demographic Statistics Bulletins and Socio Economy Survey. Oil price increase

In addition, the bureau will release manufacturing sector survey report, crime statistics and National Agriculture Sample Survey. However, the bureau will be releasing 40 reports in the last quarter of the year. It will be releasing Sectoral Distribution of Value Added Tax report, Selected Food prices, Transport Fare Watch and National Living Standard Survey, among others. The bureau will also be releasing monthly reports on FACC disbursements, Consumer Price Index and inflation reports as well as Price Watch on diesel, petrol and kerosene. Recalls that NBS released same number (179) of report on different sectors of the economy in 2018.

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