2020 Prediction: Leah Sharibu to be set free, Sowore to be re-arrested and Dino to decamp to APC. 


Dec 27, 2019

2019 was an eventful year, from the presidential election earlier in the year to the fracas between the DSS and Omoyele Sowore late in the year. Here are some big predictions for the year 2020 ;

Leah Sharibu to regain freedom

Leah Sharibu, a Christian schoolgirl aged fourteen at the time of her capture, is the only remaining Dapchi schoolgirl still held hostage after more than 400 days in Boko Haram custody. After the others were released, some told The Guardian newspaper that Leah had previously escaped from her abductors but been caught and brought back by a nomad Fulani family. Leah was reportedly not released along with the other children, because she refused to convert to Islam.

In February 2019 social media reports circulated about her death, but were dismissed by the government as politically motivated disinformation.

Lately a video which was posted by Ahmad Salkida, a journalist known to have access to the leadership of Boko Haram, in the video another captive mentioned that Leah Sharibu is still alive and appealed to the federal government to yield to the demands of their captors son as to set them free.

With this latest information about Leah, I believe president Muhammadu Buhari, come 2020, would do all he can to bring back our girl.

Omoyele Sowore to be re-arrested

Old habits they say die hard. Sowore in my opinion would return to DSS custody come 2020. Sowore, who is the publisher of US-based Sahara reporters news site, was arrested in August after calling for a nationwide demonstration against Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari. He was charged with treason, money laundering and cyberstalking the President, but denies all the charges. A federal court in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, had previously granted Sowore bail pending his arraignment but he was re-arrested December 6th by the state’s security service just a few hours after his initial release.

As the situation in the country keeps growing worse by the day, people like Sowore would never keep quite, they will continue to mount pressure on the government to do better hence earning him a return to the DSS office.

Dino Melaye to decamp from PDP to APC

Dino Melaye, a former PDP senator will most likely defect to the All Progressives Congress (APC). For the controversial Dino Melaye’s many troubles may be intriguing. To those who know him, the Kogi West former senator is not new to trouble. It may even be right to say Melaye courts trouble. The author of One Day One Trouble may have characters like Dino Melaye in mind. Melaye’s many troubles push him on the spot light, more often than not, for the wrong reasons. Dino Melaye really stepped on toes while he was in office, especially back in 2018 when he had series of confrontations with Nigerian Police and Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello.

In order to avoid being grilled by the EFCC and to try to make amends for his past mistakes, i forsee Dino melaye returning to the ruling party to appease the gods.

Aisha Buhari to be sacked from first lady office

Is Aisha Buhari ‘’calamity first lady’’? Really, I ask because she appears to reveal all the dirty and soiled undergarments of the villa to the chagrin of President Muhammadu Buhari.

In October, in the heat of the controversy effectuated by an interview granted by Fatima Mamman Daura, daughter of the ‘’cabal honcho’’ to sully Aisha, we cannot but believe the knotty problem the first lady was dealing with at the villa.

To me, it was clear Mamman Daura’s daughter leaked the video recording of Aisha in her most distressed state to embarrass her.

Another is the rant on social media against Garba Shehu, a PA to her husband. Aisha is now becoming a thorn in the flesh of not only the president but also his aides. Remember the president once said his wife belongs to his kitchen, I believe 2020 would be the year for Aisha to return to the kitchen.

EL Zakzaky to regain freedom in the year 2020

Following the release of former presidential candidate and publisher of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore, and former national security adviser, Sambo Dasuki, from custody on orders of the Attorney General of the Federation, minority leader of the Senate, Enyinnaya Abaribe, has called for the release of Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, leader of Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

El-Zakzaky has been in detention since December 2015 despite a court ruling ordering his release since 2016. With mounting pressure on the federal government to release EL Zakzaky, the year 2020 is sure going to be the year of his release.

Nigerian Army to record significant victory against Boko Haram and ISWAP

There has been a remarkable improvement in the security situation in the northeast since 2015 when this administration came to power, but more is to come in 2020. In the coming year, Boko Haram insurgency would be a thing of the past. I’m optimistic that before the year 2020 runs out, Nigerians would express joy over the success that would be recorded by the military in the onslaught to rout out elements of the Boko Haram insurgents in northern Borno and Lake Chad region.

Nigerian troops with the right motivation will display high sense of patriotism and gallantry in the defeat of the insurgents and secure the communities.

Ahmed Bola Tinubu to openly declare his presidential ambition

When asked about his presidential ambition by a journalist, the political godfather to many younger politicians threw a question back to the journalist, saying ;“Now tell me, is Tinubu not qualified to run for president? Is he not a Nigerian?”

For all his flaws, no one has played smarter politics in Nigeria since 1999 than Tinubu, the southwest godfather. The game comes naturally to him. He is ever the chess or grand master. He’s always ahead of the game. He is yet to openly declare his intention to the public, but come 2020 the political guru would make his intentions known.

SARS to finally be scrapped

The ongoing campaign for an urgent shutdown of the police Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, doesn’t seem to back down.

Allegations of extra-judicial killings, torture, wanton arrests for bribes and other menacing conducts have flooded the social media since Saturday, with citizens taking their rage to the Internet and demanding action.

The coordinators of #EndSARS, a hashtag many Nigerians have adopted to amplify the issue, told newsmen their aim is to compel the National Assembly and President Muhammadu Buhari to scrap SARS.

They argue that the department, which was launched in early 2000s to combat armed robbery and other criminal activities, has become too contaminated to be reformed. SARS with the continued violations of human right in Nigeria will finally give stakeholders no other option but to disband the group in the year 2020.

ASUU to go on indefinite Strike in 2020

The Academic Staff Union of Universities urged its members not to give up in fighting for qualitative and equitable education, saying the struggle continues in 2020.

The union was making a veiled reference to the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System, which is its most burning tussle with the Federal Government and could lead to an indefinite strike action by the lecturers in January 2020.

President Buhari to re-open Borders

President Muhammadu Buhari ordered a partial closure of the land border on August 20. According to him, it was due to massive smuggling activities, especially rice.

Of the basic elements in the world, food has proved more important to the human race than other basic necessities of shelter and clothing. It is the most important crop of the developing world. According to ricepedia.org/rice-as-food/, rice is by far the most important food crop for people in low and lower-middle income countries. Ricepedia.org also has it that more than 3.5 billion people depend on rice for more than 20% of their daily calories. No wonder millions of people who are in extreme poverty are crying to government to reopen the border.

Contrary to earlier reports in the media, that the Nigerian Government has slated January 2020 for the reopening of its borders, the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has said the land borders will remain partially closed.

But in my opinion I think the border would be re-opened, Maybe not immediately, but eventually in the year 2020.

Which of my predictions do you think might not come to pass in the year 2020?

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