2023 Presidency: Why Igbos Should Build Bridges

Paschal Emeka Abuja

The member representing South East in the North East Development Commission Dr. Theodore Ekechi has advised those jostling for 2023 presidency in South East to build bridges across the nation they hope to make any headway in 2023.

Speaking when the United Igbo Journalists gave him an award for patriotism following his meritorious services to the nation especially his proposal to the federal government on various ways of curtailing the Covid-19 pandemic when the country recorded only one case of the dreaded virus.

Dr Ekechi regretted that it has gotten to a point where the Igbo people are talking about the presidency as if it is something could lead to death if they don’t get it or as if there is an orchestrated force that are preventing an Igboman from becoming president.

Accroding to him, “we should stop clamouring for presidency in Aba or Ochanja markets, come down to Abuja and meet people from other clans of this world, discuss the presidency on their own merit when most equities become equal that is when morality will prevail. Until we get to that level or context, it will be fruitless to be talking about Igbo presidency.

“There is no part of the country where you don’t have disunity but one thing that is common in Igboland is our failure to see the presidency as a huge investment; investment both in terms of time and resources. It comes with a lot of risks. If Buhari had failed in his last attempt to become president, perhaps he would have become bankrupt.