Aisha Buhari attacked me in Aso Rock –Daura’s daughter

Aisha Buhari attacked me in Aso Rock –Daura’s daughter
  • First Lady: You lied, ignored President’s directive on apartment

An amateur video leaked to the social media may have exposed the fierce battle between the First Lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari and the much dreaded cabal for the control of Aso Rock, the seat of government in Nigeria.

In the video which went viral at the weekend, the First Lady, apparently in an angry mood, is heard shouting on top of her voice, complaining about being denied access into one of the apartments within the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

Aisha queried why those in the apartment chose to shut the doors against her and ordered them to vacate it immediately.

The video trended on the heels of the rumour about the alleged wedding between her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari and his Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umaru Farouq, in Abuja.

The release of the video had elicited a lot of debates about what may have transpired in the encounter as no faces were shown. But, Fatima Daura, daughter of Mamman Daura, President Buhari’s nephew, has accused the First Lady (Aisha) of attacking her and her siblings inside the Presidential Villa.

Daura is believed to be a leading member of the alleged cabal in the presidency which wields so much powers in the current political dispensation.

Fatima, who gave an account of the incident in an interview with the BBC Hausa Service, said she recorded the incident on video for confirmation and proof that the President’s wife violently confronted her inside Aso Rock.

According to her, the incident took place in 2017.

However, a senior aide in the office of the First Lady, who pleaded anonymity, told New Telegraph yesterday that Daura’s daughter lied in her interview with the BBC, adding that she kept several other things away from the public on what actually happened during that encounter.

In the interview translated by The Cable, Fatima insisted that she least expected Buhari’s wife to act in a violent manner.

The interview ran thus: “My name is Fatima. I am a daughter to Malam Mamman Daura… if one reasons well, he or she will understand that it is not possible to say that the wife of the president is denied access to her apartment, but let me give a context.

“The apartment in question is called the Glass House. You know that there are several houses and apartments in the Villa. When the president got into office, he gave the Glass House to our father, Mamman Daura.

“You all know that they are friends and are related, more so, they grew up together like twins. When he became president, he gave the Glass House to our dad and said he should stay there. Our dad stayed there for three years now until when the president’s son, Yusuf, had an accident and went to Germany for treatment.

“When he returned, the president told our dad to move out of that apartment to an even bigger one in the Villa, that Yusuf is going to stay and be treated in the Glass House,” she said.

New Telegraph gathered that the Glass House is closer to the main presidential apartment and the idea of evicting the Dauras from there was to make it easier for the First Lady to have access to her son.

Daura’s daughter further narrates what led to the incident that was captured in the video. Fatima said: “(On that day) my mom and dad were not around. So, my dad instructed me and my elder sister, both of us are working and we go to work every morning, that we should come on a Saturday and move our belongings to the new apartment the president instructed.

“We planned to pack out then and have even concluded moving all the things. All of a sudden, in the afternoon as we were busy on that errand of packing our belongings when we heard noise from outside. I was in an inner room in the house while my sister was in an outer one close to the main gate of the apartment. So my sister went out before I could come out.

“On getting there, it was the wife of the president. When she came, the door was locked and she picked a metal chair and broke the door. I have sent the picture to you. My sister that went out was almost hit by the chair. She threw the chair which broke through the door and almost hit my sister.

“I was so shocked and afraid of getting there because she was shouting and reigning abuses and saying we should move out of that apartment. That she has never seen this kind of thing before. I then went back and picked my phone because if one is to say that she acted that way, no one would believe it without a proof. She has already been saying a lot of things depicting that she is being suppressed.

“So I recorded it to show our parents and the security, so that they will know the truth should anything happen. Because the way she was raging and shouting, I was thinking that she would pick something and hit us with it or something like that. That was why we recorded it. Had it been we wanted to release the video, we would have done it earlier. But you know if a video clip enters one or two hands, you can’t control where it will get to.

“There are even other clips that have not been released, I will send them to you to see how she was insulting the security and how she drove them away saying who are they protecting and calling them bloody idiots. It’s all on the video clip. That was what happened.”

The aide in the First Lady’s office confirmed that the incident happened over a year ago when the wife of the president, on the instructions of the President, asked the Dauras to vacate their living quarters inside the Villa for a sick Yusuf Buhari who was recuperating after an accident.

“For this reason, the quarters were needed and the Dauras were asked to move to another part of the Villa. Long before the accident, Yusuf’s mother had requested in writing for the Dauras to vacate the place because the building is officially designated for the biological children of any serving president,” he said.

The source noted further that: “The IG of police, DG DSS, NSA and the Vice President, who was the acting President, were all notified of this request. Despite this, the Dauras deliberately refused to comply with the instructions of the security agencies. Mamman Daura’s daughter, Fatima, did not say this in her interview.

“What really was the intent for the video being released now if not for mischief? Fatima didn’t showcase her part in the drama where the door was locked against the First Lady to deny her access to some areas of the Villa, neither did she acknowledge the abuse she first vented before the First Lady reacted under the instruction of DG Lawal Daura who was brought into government by Mamman Daura.”