Allegation against Prince Arthur Eze over arrest of Best Aluminium CEO is false and Malicious

Accusation of Prince Arthur Eze over alleged arrest of Best Aluminium CEO is false and Malicious: Retraction demanded urgently.

We as Counsel to Prince Arthur Eze , having been seised with a publication by The Republic News today alleging that Prince Arthur Eze is the mastermind over the arrest of CEO of Best Aluminium LTD by Anambra Police command .

The publication alleged he was arrested in Onitsha today over possession of unlicensed firearms.

We wish to state that Arthur Eze cannot And never be involved in setting up anyone for arrest and Arthur Eze cannot be linked with such dastardly act .

The matter between Ukpo and Abba over land dispute has since been settled by the Supreme Court in favour of Ukpo.

Therefore there is no score to be settled by Arthur Eze over anything relating to the Land after Supreme Court has ruled.

Thus the said publication by The Republic News linking Arthur Eze with the arrest is false and Malicious and the newspaper has within 72 Hours to retract the said publication against prince Arthur Eze with an Apology.

We rest our pen here.

Osuagwu Ugochukwu ESQ and Charles Ogboli
( Private Attorney to Prince Arthur Eze )