Bobi Wine: Troops ‘spared no part of my body’

September 4, 2018

Ugandan musician-turned-politician Bobi Wine has posted on Facebook that troops tortured him in detention, and spared “no part of my body”.

The opposition politician – whose official name is Robert Kyagulanyi – is facing treason charges for allegedly stoning a vehicle in President Yoweri Museveni’s convoy last month.

He was arrested on 13 August, and freed on bail last week.

He is in the US receiving treatment for the alleged torture.

The Ugandan military has dismissed the claims as “rubbish”. Mr Museveni has also called media reports of his assault as “fake news”.

Bobi Wine said that he wanted to write his version of events because what Mr Museveni and government officials were saying about what happened in the north-western town of Arua was “absurd”.

He posted:

They beat me, punched me, and kicked me with their boots. No part of my body was spared. They hit my eyes, mouth and nose. They hit my elbows and my knees. Those guys are heartless!”

They pulled my manhood and squeezed my testicles while punching me with objects… They started hitting my ankles with pistol butts. I groaned in pain and they ordered me to stop making noise for them. They used something like pliers to pull my ears.”

He posted that guns had been planted in room to frame him for a charge of unlawful possession of fire arms:

I was told that three guns had been assembled and said to have been found in my room! I could not believe that the state would torture a Ugandan so bad and then frame him with possession of guns!”

A military court later dropped the charge for unlawful possession of guns and transferred his case to a civilian one.

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