BREAKING NEWS: Rev’ Polycarp Zango Still Not Released, Said COIN President.

The Rev Dachollom Datiri COIN President Has Refuted the report going round on the social media and some media house saying Rev Polycarp Zango has been released Speaking to COIN members in church service today 1st of November 2020 at COIN Head Quarters Compound church the COIN President said he has not set his eyes on Rev Polycarp Zango also his church members and family and as such the report is fake and not true and also call on all the members and Christian nation wide and the world at large to keeping praying for the release of the servant of GOD Rev Polycarp Zango,.

He also call on the federal and state government and all relevant authorities to help in the release of the Rev and also call on the media houses and also those spreading fake rumors of the release of the Rev to stop such and instead pray for his release rather than spreading fake rumors and news putting the church into more trauma and confusion and he however said once the Rev Polycarp Zango is release COIN will give a statement regarding to that because as a church and Christian faith they are waiting for the day to reunite with the Rev because he is a God servant that truly save the lord and their hope and faith is in God the creator of the heaven and earth the master of the universe