Buhari Does Not Understand The Economy

Pic.19. President Muhammadu Buhari signing executive order number 6 at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Thursday (5/7/18). 03616/5/7/2018/Sumaila Ejiga/JAU/NAN

Viewpoint By Samuel Caulcrick

A system that cannot wait for harvest but Quick Take Profit cannot grow its economy. We are used to instant gratification, and anything else is not per- forming in our psyche.

A system that does not take consideration that investments to produce a doctor will take 7 years or to harvest a crop will take a season or to fabricate raw materials into a desirable finished products will take a while, but instead the system prefers to auction its petrodollars to traders that is bidding higher, who only goes across the border to import, will never grow its economy.

Then an illiterate pastoralist comes along and says let us allocate some of our resources to production, (activities that take longer time for returns on investment), all our paper qualified-first-class economists say the illiterate knows nothing about an economy.  

All the past leaders that could have grown Nigeria economy, but instead grew their individual pockets, say the illiterate does not understand the economy.

 For the first time in 20 years Nigeria had a reduction in import bills of almost $1 billion, but that does not fit into our narrative of Quick Take Profit.

There are a host of reasons not to vote for Buhari, most of which are lies put out to discredit Buhari, but not Buhari idea on the economy.

Whoever wins in 2019 and does not continue with putting more money to resuscitate our import substitutions, will put a nail on the coffin of Nigeria.

Oil, the cash pot, will soon become extinct as a viable resource. They are all ganging up because they don’t want the foundation that Buhari is laying for a solid economic growth to cure. They want to come and uproot it so that they can continue to subjugate the masses to perpetual servitude.

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