Edo Youths Give 7 Day Ultimatum To Criminal Herdsmen To Quit Edo Forests, Farmlands

The World Press Conference on the incessant attack and killings of our farmers by Criminal herdsmen was held yesterday the 3rd day of February, 2021 at the sanctuary of justice where we unanimously resolved as follows:

1. That we are using this medium to issue the Criminal herdsmen two weeks ultimatum to quit our farmlands and forests across Edo State to pave ways for our poor farmers to access their farms to work to fend for themselves and their family members as usual as we can no longer fold our arms akimbo while the criminal strangers cum herders commit genocide in our land. As this notice to quit is for the criminal herders not those that are working legitimately.

2. That Edo People should boycott the consumption of beef and suya in the interim as a way of protesting against the killings of some farmers in Ugo Village, as well as the killing of Prince Abuda , Edo born Philanthropist who came from America to his home town and others that have been murdered by the criminals.

3. That the Enigies, Enogies and other traditional rulers that ceded our land to the herders should refund their money back to them without much ado and terminate the contract with them..

4. That we have issued a 72 hour ultimatum to the Commissioner of Police to arrest and prosecute those behind the killings of Edo Farmers and others that have been killed by the herders to avoid another mass protest in Edo State.

5. That Edo State Government should facilitate the formation of Edo Security Network like Amotekun with sophisticated weapons to protect the integrity of our farmlands and forests against the external aggression of the criminal herdsmen.

6. That Edo State Government should capture the data of the peaceful and legitimate herders in our State to differentiate them from the criminals as we are aware that some of them have been co existing with us peacefully for donkeys years.
A stitch in time saves nine.

Marxist Kola Edokpayi.
Prince Terry Ogbeni.
Comrade Imasuen Wilson
Comrade Terry Igbinovia.