*Ex-agitators Clamour For A Deltan To Be Next Cordinator Presidential Amnesty Programme, Drum Support For An Urhobo Candidate.

4 May, 2020 Press Release
Over One thousand Ex-militants across the Niger-Delta Region have made an appeal and request to the President and Commander -in- Chief of the Arm Forces of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari to appoint a Deltan and appropriately, an Urhobo Ethnic Nationality candidate to assume the office of the next Special Adviser to the President and Cordinator of the Amnesty programme.
This unanimous decision was taken after a crucial consultation meeting held in Warri, Delta State on the 1st May, 2020 by various Ex-Militant Leaders across the Niger-Delta Region over the choice of the candidate to be considered for the appointment of the office of Amnesty Cordinator  to Mr President.
Since inception of the office of the Special Adviser to the President, different individuals from different states in the Niger-Delta region have been appointed into the office, with Timi Alaibe ( Bayelsa), Hon Kingsley Kuku (Ondo), General Paul Boroh (Bayelsa), Prof Charles Dokubo (Rivers), but other states including Delta State have been marginalized despite its vast contributions to the nation’s economy, and has worked with countless agitators  during the struggle.
Also, as a matter of fact, Urhobo ethnicity nationality being the 5th largest ethnic group in Nigeria and by virtue of its large landscape, population and host to major oil facilities, should produce the next Special Adviser to Mr. President on Amnesty and Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme.
In a statement issued by Gen H.M Ebirie,Gen Joseph Okor aka JOC. Birinumugah Jessy,Clement Ofovwei. Okpako Ejiro and Gen Collin Arigbo that  it will be a case of equity, fairness, honesty, justice and a matter of fact, appropriate enough for a Deltan and aptly, Urhobo Ethnic  Nationality to emerge and pilot the affairs of the Amnestyy Programme in the good interest of the Niger-Delta people.