Extension of Tenure of Service — Group Commend President Muhammadu Buhari.

RESS STATEMENT 28th September, 2018

Since assuming office four years ago, the Controller —General of the Federal Fire Service has doggedly worked in tandem with the change philosophy of Muhammadu Buhari administration. His innovative and patriotic leadership of the Federal Fire Service have yielded dividends and ensured that the tosses hitherto incurred through incessant fire disasters has been reduced to the barest minimum.

The President took over the mantle of leadership in Nigeria at a time our compatriots were at the nadir of hope. It is heartwarming that his administration has restored the glory of the country in most facets of the Nigerian economy. It was commonplace to lose lives and property in a regular basis to avoidable fire disasters due to inadequate infrastructure in the Federal Fire Service. Experts believe that before now, Nigeria lost over N50 Billion Naira annually to fire outbreaks nationwide. The Administration has recorded giant strides in ensuring that Nigeria’s emergency Services have the competence to take charge of emergencies before and during occurrence.

In a press statement made available to journalists recently in Abuja by a civil society group, Peace and Anti-Corruption Advocacy and signed by the national coordinator, Comrade James Okoronkwo, he stated that before the advent of the Buhari Administration the Federal Fire Service was grossly incapable of meeting the demands of Nigerians for the protection of their lives and property from fire disaster.

The group further noted that the transparent and fruitful leadership of Engr. Garba Anebi has changed the story of the Federal Fire service with the acquisition of modern fire —fighting equipments and the training and re-training of her personnel.

The National Fire Academy has been established and many instructors have been sent to reputable fire fighting institutions abroad to enhance their capabilities for certification in various aspects of fire and rescue services.

Peace and Anti-Corruption Advocacy lauded President Muhammadu Buhari

for conferring the National Productivity Award on Engr. Garba Anebi saying “That the FFS helmsman’s brilliant skillful, transparent harnessing of the state of the art equipments of the Federal fire Service have led to a remarkable reduction in the annual loss from fire disasters in recent times”.

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