I,  Senator Francis Alimekhena representing Edo North Senatorial district  wishes  to draw the attention of the general public that a Facebook page account has been opened in my name by scammers.

The purported Facebook page does not belong to me,  neither do I have anything to do with it for whatsoever reasons.

I want to put it across here that these disgruntled elements and fraudsters are using my name on the Facebook page to swiddle people across the country of which Iam not aware of or in the know.

I want to unequivocally tell the general public that I do not know these persons and they are not not in any way carrying out these transactions on my behalf and I have not authorized such persons to do that on my behalf.

These unknown persons are only defrauding Innocent persons without my knowledge and without  my permission to carry out such ungodly acts.

I have never owned a Facebook account, neither have I authorised anyone to do so in my name,  I shall bear no liability occasioned by whatever that may or might have transpired thereto.

I employ Nigerians and other persons to confirm from my office and my person to verify such dubious and criminal acts if they are not discontinued.

I urge all and other well meaning Nigerians both in and outside the country who may have been contacted with such Facebook accounts to call my office with this number: 08143717050 to confirm the authenticity of such transactions from my name.

This notice is to inform the public to desist from further dealings and transactions with such persons and groups, using the Facebook as they do not represent me or carrying out such ungodly acts on my behalf.


Senator Francis Asekhame  Alimikhena, Chairman, Senate Committee on Customs, Excise and Tariff.