Genital mutilation Rampant in Africa

19/9/ 2019  opinion by ogaba ogaba

Circumcision of a newly born girl child is an old cultural norm in many African countries and most southern part of Nigeria. The tradition of circumcision of newly born girl child is common.

It is a common traditional belief that if a newly born girl child when c9ircu9mcised will be relieved from sexual frivolity or wanton passion for sex.

The unfortunate practice of this primitive dogma has so many demerits medically leading to untimely death from bleeding and contacting HIV/AID disease from the use of contaminated unsterilized sharp knife. They are made to bath with some unknown substance added to water with the aim of chasing away bad spirits.

Considering the religious rites and believes among Christian/Muslim religions, even other levels of faith including pagans, circumcision of male child is acceptable, but against female child circumcision.

In medical field, circumcision of girl child is not necessary and not encouraged, as it has several side effects medically.

Mrs Imo Ekong in a telephone conversation from the US shared her experience with us. She said she is also a victim of this ugly barbaric act. ”I almost lost my life because of the process; as I was forced to pass through hardship to bath with water mixed with concoction (unknown substance). Even then, when I was pregnant; my husband was equally humiliated for marrying me without circumcision.

”I’m calling on the Nigerian government, NGOS, CSOS and the Amnesty International to address this un-Godly act” adding that, “Even though I’m away from the country my life and my family are still under threat not to talk of me returning to my community, because I refused to be circumcised.

”It will be a big risk for me and my family to return to my country”.

Genital girl child circumcision has been a very serious concern; it is ungodly. It has severe medical effects and should be abolished and condemned.