Posted on July 23, 2021

Residents of Idimu area of Lagos were left in shock after a 28-year old member of God of Truth  Covenant Evangelical Church, Oluwatosin Adegoke, who allegedly got tired of the church’s purported deceit over false prophecies and set the church building ablaze.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the Church is located at Akinbolade Street, off Arobaba Street, Idimu area of Lagos, where Adogoke was said to have attended the church for several years but his condition worsened.

According to the residents, Adegoke asked the owner of the church, who is a Prophetess, to close church because she was fake based on what he had experienced from the church with unfulfilled promises that his condition will change through prophecies.

Adegoke was said to have realized that all the promises and prophecies by the Prophetess were fake as his condition instead of getting better, worsened.

He then ordered the Prophetess to close the church but the owner ignored him. He then took some substance suspected to premium motor spirit and set the church ablaze.

All the properties inside the church got burnt including musical equipment, public address system, chairs among others.

After causing the damage to the church building, in the evening at about 4pm, Adegoke did not escape and waited in front of the church until he was arrested by the Police operatives from Area M Command, Idimu, for arson.

During interrogation, the Prophetess claimed that he was mad and that was why he went to burn the church. But Adegoke denied being a mad person and asked the Police to ask the Prophetess what transpired between them when he was attending the church, which made him to have burnt the church two times.

After thoroughly interrogating him, the Police found him culpable and subsequently charged him before the Ejigbo Magistrates Court for arson.

Adegoke pleaded guilty.

The prosecutor, Inspector Benedict Aigbokhan, asked the Court to give a short adjournment to enable him to present the facts of the matter for the Court to sentence him accordingly.

The Presiding Magistrate,  E. O. Ogunkanmi, ordered his remand in Correctional Centre at Kirikiri town, Lagos and adjourned the matter to 26th July, 2021 for facts and sentence.