Press Release 28th March, 2019

Nigerians in the diaspora foremost news magazine, the National Times has hit the newsstand in Nigeria.

In a press release dated 27th March, 2019, signed by Ambrose Inusa Sule, Editor: Nigeria Operations stated that, Ugera Yusuf, the publisher promised that National Times will remain non-partisan and will adhere strictly to the code of ethics of journalism in the coverage of events.

Yusuf promised that, “As a purveyor of information, our central disposition is to enhance our integrity and credibility as the ears and eyes of the Nigerians in the diaspora and also at home”.

The bi-monthly magazine with high target print-run will also be sold worldwide by subscriptions to governments, policy and decision makers, political stalwarts, corporate executives, embassies and foreign missions as well as international agencies.

The publisher who is based in the United States said that the magazine will provide a professionally balanced news, highly innovative picturesque and through coverage of issues without fear or favour, but will bring to the fore those issues that will promote our unity and development as a nation.

He said that the magazine is set to serve Nigerians at home and abroad with exclusive and incisive news stories.

“National Times, he said, “will take on the toga of the watchdog for Nigerians in the diaspora. A man, who has no dream, has no wings. He cannot fly. We have a big dream on how we can contribute our own quota to the development of our country through communication and by the power of the almighty printed words.

“We will mirror history makers and achievers both at home and abroad, showcasing individuals, corporate bodies who have distinguished themselves in demonstrable achievements with the policies, aims and objectives of our magazine.

“We shall celebrate Nigerians achievements and denounce infamy and other acts capable of entrenching anti-national development orientation”.

National Times newsmagazine has seasoned writers that will thrill our readers with scintillating news stories bi-monthly.