By Segun Adeoye.

THE two enemies of the people are Criminals and Government,so let us tie the government down with chains and fetters of the constuitition ,so that the second do not become the legalised version of the first.
Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson the second American President who was a major actor in drafting the American constuitition studied ,maths,law,natural science and speaks,French Latin,Greek,Spanish,Italian and Anglo- Saxon,plays the Violene ,sings and also a keen sportsman, a Universal man
.The Americans were the first ever to have a written Democratic constuitition and one can see the quality of human beings behind the document.
Jefferson was elected after George Washington tenure emphasised and declared,the Constuitition is a sacred document for governing Democratic societies and binding and should be supported by all citizens ,and any power excercised outside the ambit of the constuitition is pure illegality and criminal,according to him.
Excerpts from Jefferson inaugural address as 1801,”This government will of course arrange itself under the constutition(the will of the law)and unite in common effort for the common good.
All will also bear in mind this sacred Principal that the will of the majority will prevail and it will also be rightful and reasonable in all cases,but it will also be rightful that the minority possess their equal right which equal law must protect and to violate them will be oppressive,let all fellow citizens unite with heart and one mind and let us restore social intercourse that harmony,affection with which liberty even life are dready things.
To the Legislative arm of government this is what Thomas Jefferson told them”To the Gentlemen that are charged with the Sovriegnity functions and legislative and those associated with you i look with encouragement for that guidiance and support which will enable us to steer to safety the vessel in which we embark amidst the conflicitng elements of a troubled world”

The adverse trajectory of Muhamadu Buhari rudderless and drifting Presidency commenced in earnest when he hammered down the chains and fetters tieing him to the Nigerian constuitition(a quasi – unitary document at best).
The President rebellion and trashing our constuitition into the sewage dumps in the Villa has effectively turned his government to a rouge regime and cannot create harmony nor mobilze the.people for peace,progress or development reasons every steps he takes ends in impasse and stalement.
This President is not operating a constuititional mandate but a personal mandate.
Any government operating outside the.constutition is illegitimate and can only create crisis,contention,disharmonychaos etc because there is no rule of engagement between the leaders and the lead.

What makes you want to win the Trophy and see it as something worth having is the sight of other competitors.Some out of a spirit of kindness may want reward everyone for trying but the Trophy then loses its value.The Trophy must represent not only your victory but everyone else defeat.
(Arts of Seduction.).

Muhhamadu Buhari is an agent of distabilization,ethnic bigot and religious fanatic who if given the chance would ensure the disintergration of the country.His enthno- centricism would jeopardise National unity.
Bola Tinubu a.k.a JAGABAN.
Speech during2003 election.

The jury is still out there and the debate amongst the political class which still continue unabated is that Bola Tinubu assisted Buhari in winning the 2015 presidential elections.
Though no single individual support can win the Presisency but no one can deny that Tinubu and his group tactical and strategic support gave Buhari the edge, for example nominating a Yorubaman Yemi Osibanjo as Vice President was a strategic master stroke because Goodluck Johnathan Vp is a Northerner like Buhari..
And here we are in 2021 and six years of Buhari government and he has turned out exactly as Tinubu has predicted in 2003
The question on every lip is what changed that made Tinubu rally support for Buhari in 2014.
In my opinion the view expressed by Tinubu in 2003 was very apt ,that was a period in his political carrier when Jagaban still believed in the supremacy of the constuitition as a legal approach to politics because of his relationship with the rugged political war horses in Afenifere.
Thereafter Tinubu deployed all manners of unconstutiional ploy for his state capture ambition of Lagos.
Afenifere brought him in 1999 through Alliance for Democracy AD .but when Afenifere started demanded accountabilty from him,he took Lagos state money and formed Action Congress AC as a private liabilty company.
An individual registering a Political party with state resources is not only criminal but also grossly unconstuitional.
What happened in 2014 is two egoistic and selfishly ambitious people with fat big egos and small brains and even smaller ethos who also believe in unconstuitition means of grabbing power for personal state capture merged their forces and like they say the rest is now history.
The truth is Buhari and Tinubu are birds of the same plumage and do not believe in constuitional democracy,both men have the temper of fascism ingrained in their psyche.
Wikipedia discribed Fascism,as a far- right authoritarian ultra- nationalism ,characterised by dictatorial power,supression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and economy.
Buhari and Tinubu play the same type of politics,Jagaban has by dictatorial power captured Lagos state and has effectively driven opposition out of town by series of devious unconstuitional means ,and gloating with a “godfather”smugness.
Jagaban is now a power-drunk godfather,who is in charge of every appiontment and decision in Lagos state.
However Tinubu meet his match in Buhari who threw him under the
bus at the Federal level and his man friday Yemi Osibanjo.who shares the Presidential mandate with him has being rendered powerless,and neutralised as an inconsequential irritant.
Buhari earlier sacked Adams Oshiomole Tinubu handpicked Chairman of APC(an unconstuitional act by Tinubu)and replaced him with his teaboys as Interim commitee members (a clearly.unconstuitional act in Buhari,s long catalogue of trampling on the nation constitition.
Presently Tinubu and his co-travellers are bitting their fingers over Buhari’s illegalities.
It is often said to aim after nothing is a sure guarantee of sucess.
The APC has not being able to organise it thoughts and philosphy in a sequential framework around the Nigerian constuititon because it is not working with any.
The lack of guardians that the constituition would have provided.has rendered this governemnt bereft of synergy,wisdom and why in many occasions behave very daft.
The President approach to governance is a major cause for his all round failure politically,economically and socially and reason the whole ediface of governance is crashing all around him and now wears with comfort the epuleatte of dishonour as the undertaker who terminated the progress and glory of our nation
And despite this infamy the governement.has continued to double down on his failures and like all rouge -regime trying to bully reality,with fictitious statistics ,audacious stomach -turning lies and plain false hood
Meanwhile the Minister licenced to lie, Lai Muhhammed is on reccess for now because of his troubles with his state governor but his minions in the Presidential villa who specialise in bamboon /monkey logics and churlish mouthpiece said recently that Buhari was attending United Nationa General Assembly meeting to teach World leaders how to manage their economy in the midst of Covid 19 crisis while Buhari country Nigeria is in a reccession,another fig by the spokesperson is Buhari administration has achieved more than all other previous governments combined in just six years of its rule
Watching this.vuvvulas is like watching a B- grade movie with granfathers as main actors
The truth is like you are on the ringside watching a game and someone by your side is giving you another compeletly different narrative from the game you are watching with your own eyes it is a waste of time,truth is always seen hardly heard.
It is self evidence truth that this President has a very healthy addiction to laziness,and specialise in being in the middle of thin things and measuring his failure will need a special measurement scale.
A President and Commander-in- chief who has never visited the battle field where his own soldiers are battling well armed insurgency travelled to Ethiopia for inaguration of that country Prime Minister.
Buhari constuitition breach has done a grave and unpardonable damage to our democracy and all the years of struggle and gains has being reversed since 2015.
Our country is being ruled today by a fascist group lead by an old soldier at the apex.
Our sense of community and mutual responsibilty makes it mandatory to speak out against Fascism in the land, and personally it quite amazing to me and inexpicable mystery how a man who over the years packaged and paraded himself as an epitome of rectitude and Calvinist piousness turn out to be a Janus-faced fraud capable of the most abnormable perfidy and hypocracy.
And in my view the greatest existential damage Buhari government has done to this nation is the fact that his serial illegalities and breaches can only be corrected by another unconstuitonality by another government and every Nigerian should be alarmed by such prospect.