Police warn officers against extra-judicial killings

Calabar | Published Date Apr 19, 2019

The Assistant Inspector-General of Police in Zone 6, Musa Kimo, has cautioned his men and officers against further killings of innocent Nigerians, emphasising that this will not be condoned anymore.

He warned members of the force to be professional in dealing with members of the public.ADVERTISEMENT

Kimo spoke yesterday at the zone headquarters in Calabar  where he decorated 21 officers promoted to different higher ranks in the force.

He warned that he would hold any officers of the zone responsible for any accidental discharge and killing of innocent citizens.

He said: “I have known the Inspector General of Police for about thirty three years and I know that he believes in promoting worthy officers.  But the police hierarchy is not happy that the force is in the news always for all the wrong reasons. We must change the narrative and not allow Nigerians to die innocently because of us.”