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Hon Sampson Uchenna Charles is being pressurized by some political parties to come onboard to be their flag bearer for the 2023 presidential election, even after submitting names of candidates to INEC.
Some of these parties are taken advantage of the clause in the INEC rules which give parties upto 90 days to substitute their candidates before the 2023 presidential election.
The central committee of the Sampson Uchenna Charles Campaign Organization (SUC)and Foundation for a New Nigeria Movement (FANN) has been meeting to strategize and assimilate all the developments as these events unfold.
National Youths And Women Organizations affiliated to SUC and FANN are all waiting for the final decision of their National leader Hon. Sampson Uchenna Charles who is currently brainstorming, consulting and strategizing on his next move , is watching the political horizon before wading into any political Arrangment to avoid the nasty betrayal he recently experienced with a political party.
The amiable, charismatic and popular youthful President is weighing all options but most importantly poised at making his movements to become the most popular and effective national grassroots movement in the history of Nigeria.
Sampson Charles believes that the impact of his vision for the creation of a new Nigeria, where the youths and vulnerable women are empowered as stakeholders, and where true equity, fairness and justice for all Nigerians remain the cardinal objective of his movement.
This dynamic leader believes that until the current political establishment is dismantled for an entirely new era, that Nigeria will continue in its anti-progress and unpopular policies, which like a ship without compass is bound to sink deeper into the ocean.
He said, “Nigeria must hear me because our destiny and the future of our generation is endangered taking stock of APC And PDP primaries where the money spent to buy delegates is much more than the annual budget of many African Nations”