The thrashing of Donald Trump the BRAGGADOCIO. By Segun Adeoye

Donamp by Joe Biden in the 2020 American Presidential election and Trump wailing,raging and threatening fire and brimestone like a naughty boy whose lollipops was snatched is triumph of liberalism, peaceful world and inclusive universe over demagoguery ,racism and polarization. Biden victory also reminded me the story of Bragadino ,a name from which the word braggart was coined.

Bragadinowas a young Cyrpriot Mumugna who reincarnated himself as a champion Alchemist in Venice. He saw glum have settled over the city and how every one was hoping for redemption from some invisible sources.

While other Alchemist challatans mastered everyday con based on sleight of hands Bragadino mastered human nature. In 1589 rumor began to swirl in Venice of the arrival of a very wealthy Alchemist who boasted of the ability to turn any matter into gold through the use of a secret substance he possess .

Bragadino opulent palace, his garment with golden buttons ,gold watches, gold plates convinced Venetian of Bragadino Alchemist abilities, the Duke toured his palace and gave money to live in wealth and that also re- enforced his reputation.

When the town folks called him out to start showing his Alchemist prowess by producing gold as always boasting, Bragadino complained they should not rush him and it takes time , when the pressure was getting to much Bragadino established himself in Munich to play the same familiar boasting of having a substance that can turn any matter to gold.

The Bavarians have less faith in alchemist than the temperamental Venetians ,only the Duke really believe in it for he needed gold desperately to rescue himself from the hopeless mess he was…

In 1592 money was being spent and yielding no result the Bavarians demaned justice and Bragadino found himself swinging on the gallows.Braggard end up swinging on gallows because of arrogance self obsession and lack of humility.

The Psychologist Alfred Adler who coined the word “inferiority complex” said arrogant, hubris, superior attitude ,power drunkiness are symptoms and reverse side of inferiority complex this emotions comes usually from people of low self-esteem weak spirited and narrow-minded thinking, like someone whistling in the dark to frightened every danger away.

Professor Adler said hubries,bragging, arrogance are character disorders that eventual distroys..

Donald Trump took America on a Four years rolla-coster as President who ruled like an eclectic Neurotic and within this period in his own fashion brought Gods own Country to a new low.

Thejoke in Nigeria today is our own democracy is more matured than America when Trump declared himself a winner of election that is still been counted,whereas in 2015,an incumbent President congratulate his opponent in an election where the total votes have not been counted..

Donald Trump world view was well documented in his book the Real Deal,a book he wrote when he was in his thirties, the summary of the book is a deal should be presented in a mannar that the receiver of the deal will conclude he needs the deal more than the presenter.

Thatis the art of manipulating facts and hearts in a devious way that the receiver of deodorize shit will believe he needs it more than the presenter,this philosophy and way of doing business indeed propelled Trump to the top and he became a billionaire.

Thissame worldview he transferred into his politics hence his inner circle always present him as a business man and not neccesarily a politician

.However unfortunaly for Trump America the country with the most robust democratic institutions in the world was the wrong place to ply his trade.,

in my view it is American solid democratic institutions that defeated the Strong Donald Trump.I was amused by a post in the face book when a Nigerian suggested to President Buhari to invite Donald Trump to come over to Nigeria and chair the Ruling Party All Progressive Alliance APC ,that is presently planning an elections to elect its party chairman,the request in my view is apt because Nigerian ruling elites have coronated the rule of strong men and refused to build strong democratic institutions.

My conclusion is a clarion call to our youth who have recently discovered their mojo,the battle cry now is *EndStrongmen# *BuildStrongDemocratic Institutions # it is Strong institutions in America that defeated strong man Donald Trump.

The Nigerian youths have the numbers and can create a political momentum in revolt against the present political space where taught, doctrines and individual are promote or demoted according to the whims and caprices of the entrenched political godfathers who are ,THE STRONGMEN..