When model police officer gets applause

Just as there is unanimity of condemnation over the brutality of some members of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), also came the general commendation for a Divisional Police Officer (DPO) Rabiu Garba at Fegge, Onitsha, for being a model cop.

He has been variously described as the last hope for the failed police, the last man standing, hero, the man that saved his people.

When the rampaging youths came with the intention to burn down his Police Division yesterday, he neither fret nor fled.

While his men were panicking, he walked out to meet the mob with the courage of a man who had nothing to fear. They recognized him and the angry chants were silenced! Most of the youths could vouch for him as a professional cop and a role model for many young men in the community.

They even granted him audience to address and counsel them before the mob dispersed.

At least it indicated that the youths were not out of their minds as they could differentiate the good from the bad.

It had nothing to do with his tribe.
It had nothing to do with his religion.
He was just a model cop.
It was gathered that instead of extorting from the people he ensures the common folks are safe and free.
He also engaged in humanitarian activities that has integrated him as a community leader.
An example was when the community was faced with a debilitating water problem, he built a borehole for the neighbourhood without any fund raising.
To further give the youths a sense of belonging, through football competitions which he organises for them at the stadium where he also counsels them against crimes and criminality emphasising the need for them to stay away from them.
To further entrench himself as a people’s policeman, he threw his doors wide open, listened to the people with passion and genuine willingness to help.
Invite RABIU GARUBA to any local event, he’s there. Church dedication, naming ceremony, launching of community projects, he was there.
For Rabiu Garba, even though he hails from the North, Fegge in Onitsha Anambra State is his home. Fegge is his community.
He has attended almost every church and every event in the area as he is invited because he is accepted as one of them.