Xenophobic attacks:Ex-Presidential Candidate Conderms South Africans urge Nigerians to stand on their feets

The former Presidential candidate for 2003 and 2007 General Elections under the platform of  African Liberation Party(ALP) Chief Osita Emmanuel Okereke(OON) has Condemned in a very strong term South African role in mass killing of Nigerian home and abroad  stand on their feet.
Speaking in interview yesterday with some journalists in his Abuja office, Chief Okereke lamented against lukewarm attitude of South African government to ensuring that the killers are brought to book.
Chief Okereke who is also the former Chairman Inter-party Advisory Council of Nigeria (IPAC)  also explained that enough is enough from south Africans maintaining that every body has every right to stay in any parts of the world.
He advised security agencies to be up and doing in order to protect Nigerians live and property in Nigeria.
He also spoke on the FBI issues adding that the Economic and Financial Crime Commission has refused to live up to it expectations of fighting corruption as well as in retriving the Nigerian money starched abroad by looters.
He lamented that EFCC who has the constitutional assigned to fight corruption and prosecute looters has abandon their work to chase after Yahoo boys.
“Yahoo boys are not our problem but looters because yahoo boys are in the business because of the falure of EFCC’
We want to use this opportunity to call on the EFCC to fine tune measures aim at extraditing the former Petroleum Minister,Alison Madueke into the country to face prosecution for corruption she perpetrated while in office.
 According to Okereke, “the role of FBI to ensuring that our looted money are return home is questionable alleging that international conspiracy is now playing against Nigeria.
Reacting to a question on the alleged insult melted on President Buhari when he visited Japan he said, IPOP leader should have been extradited into Nigeria by foreign country to enable him face criminal and treasonable felony charges alleging that President Buhari embarasment in China was is also an embarasment to all Nigerians.
“Why must EFCC should be fighting for foreign cash, we have late General  Abacha loots and nobody is fighting for it, why won’t they return our looted money? Nigerians want all their money looted outside back home” he emphasized.
iPOP actions are illegal, we were not consulted when the illegal body was formed, it is illegal and cannot stand.
South African companies in Nigeria including MTN and Multichoice have expressed their concern over the situation.
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said on Tuesday he was urgently sending a special envoy to meet South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to secure the Nigerian citizens there.